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Data Science for private markets

We build cutting-edge algorithms that leverage your data to provide you with the sharpest insights about the risks and returns of your investments

RockSling Analytics provides front office data-driven solutions for private equity investors. Our AI-powered tools provide tailored analytics allowing Limited Partners to streamline their investment processes and to effortlessly access key insights about their investments in private equity. 

Expand your deal flow

Access to a cutting-edge analytics platform to screen a much larger deal flow. Increase your coverage and addressable market. Accelerate your screening process to quickly get a view on expected returns.

Control your risks

Centralize your portfolio data. Design bespoke risk reports and macro-economic scenarios to stress-test your portfolio. Get additional data points to benchmark and challenge the assumptions of your deal team.  

Control your costs

Free-up time and resources in your team. Compress the costs of due diligence, data compilation, and portfolio analysis.

Boost your investment process without increasing your costs and resources

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