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We turn your data into insights

Your data is more than just an ingredient for portfolio monitoring. Turn it into insights and detect risks and opportunities faster to enhance your investments and portfolio management decisions


Accurate pricing of your portfolio

Get access to fast and precise automated bottom-up valuations of your portfolio. Keep track of daily changes in the markets and react faster to trends within your portfolio.


Manage liquidity with confidence

Understand the timing of future distributions and capital calls. Get a deep understanding of the sources of future proceeds and detect quickly concentration and liquidity risks in your portfolio.

Risk Management

Monitor your exposure to market factors


How would your portfolio react during a new pandemic crisis ? Or during a financial crisis? Would your distributions be sufficient to fund your capital calls? 

Design bespoke macro-economic scenarios to stress-test the returns and cash-flows of your portfolio.


Identify sources of performance

How does your portfolio generate performance? Which managers are generating alpha? Reveal the sources of performance in your portfolio and adapt your investment strategy.

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Expand your possibilities

Increase your efficiency and augment your addressable market

Control your costs

Let our algorithms do the heavy-lifting and leverage the skills of your team

Control your risks

Get a 360° view on the risks and trends in your portfolio

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